From a demo for Google AR Playground, featuring some AR dogs, my real dog Frankie, and me.

Starting in August 2018, I worked at B-Reel's Venice office where I focused primarily on our Google accounts. I designed websites, demos, and apps, and supported ideation sprints for Google Maps, Lens, Pixel, Playground, Domains, and the AR/VR marketing team. In May 2020, I started at R/GA. Before moving to LA, I served as the program director of a community design nonprofit. I am still interested in opportunities to work between tech, design, and civic & cultural engagement.

I view UX as an apporach to design that builds consensus during the design process — among a product team, and between designers and users. My strength lies in translating creative direction and business needs into digital experiences that work for people. At my current post at B-Reel, I enjoy working on small, flat teams with curious people who balance dedication with humor. Find me at LA Design Dev, Out in Tech, or Config meetups.

Experience Designer
Since May 2020

UX Designer
Los Angeles
August 2018 – May 2020

Design Strategy Intern
Summer 2017

VCU Brandcenter
Masters, Experience Design
Class of 2018

School of Visual Arts
Social Impact Design Residency
Summer 2016

Storefront for Community Design
Program Director
2013 – 2016

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Institute for European Urbanism
Winter/Spring 2013

Virginia Commonwealth University
Urban Studies
Class of 2013

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