Google Domains Website Redesign

Content Strategy, Visual Design, UX Design, QA

When Google Domains came out of beta in 2018, its marketing website needed to be rebuilt from the ground up. Working off of years of user research from the Domains product team, our design approach prioritized the ability for primary users (small business owners) to understand that buying a domain is just one step of a larger process.

In an effort to sway the client towards a lighter-weight approach to content, we compared the depth of site architecture among a few Google products, resources, and platforms.

Our content strategy focused on getting people through the door and integrating hosting and website builder resources into the Domains onboarding experience. At the heart of the redesign is a Learning Center, a scalable repository for product updates and articles. From here, learning surfaces at important points throughout the entire site — notably on the home page and through a “Getting Started” section that acts as product onboarding.

I worked with the UX Director and Art Director to fuse together content strategy and creative direction for the Learning Center and Getting Started pages. I also carried out the established art direction throughout the site, optimized the entire site for mobile, and lead the organization of the file structure and component library. Before shipping the project, I created annotated sheets explaining microinteractions. When the design was approved, the directors rotated off the project and I brought the project across the finish line working closely with the development team at Blinkk for a swift QA process.


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