Movado Connect II Customization Experience

Interaction Design

Movado engaged B-Reel to bring their own smartwatch design concepts into development and production. Alongside a team of production designers, my role was to rethink the customization experience to enable users to more easily preview color combinations for dials, hands, and accents.

Some of the interaction was baked into WearOS, but there was still room to create something unique. So we explored a few options based on what we’d seen in the smartwatch landscape — mainly variations on split or partially split screens. I found that this approach obstructed the watchface. So, by offsetting the dial and placing the color palette on a rotary, users can get a more comprehensive view of their selections in real time. The placement of the selection ring is also a nod to the Movado logo, which similarly runs tangent to the perimeter of the watch.

The result maximizes preview space for both active and inactive swatches during the selection process. Movado is now the only smartwatch brand on the market with a customization experience that does not obstruct the watchface during the selection process. 

︎ Invision Studio Prototype
︎ Movado Demo

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Below: As the project evolved, we worked with the design team to assess how color schemes worked. To align the team, and stay on top of my own challenges with red-green color blindness, I made this document to centralize feedback on color combinations that didn’t work.