Uninterrupted Website Design

Workshop planning, Interaction Design, Visual Design, QA

With the mantra “More than an Athlete,” Uninterrupted was founded by James and Maverick Carter to deliver stories directly from the perspective of athletes, without the filter of mainstream media. Our task was to create a website that showcases the Uninterrupted ecosystem — its podcasts, HBO and Netflix shows, brand partnerships, and merchandise. Working off of their new brand identity, the site needed to toe the line between a portfolio and a viewing platform. During the discovery phase, I supported workshop planning and facilitation, synthesized feedback into design briefs and decks.

During the design phase, I worked with the Art Director to articulate the design system, bring it into Figma, and design pages and micro interactions for viewing and audio experiences. When directors rotated off the project, I designed utility pages, optimized the site for mobile, and led the development team through QA.

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